Monday, August 2, 2010

Topic 3 - RSS feeds

Soooo frustrating! Whenever I go into MyAccess Science it just takes me back to the Library web page. To top it off we have gone back to dialup here at home.

Tried the Proquest question but no luck there either. When I tried dropping the URL into my Bloglines account it gave me something completely irrelevant. Will have to move on and do this question at work with some input.

(5 minutes later)

Have just gone into my gmail and found that last nights gobbledygook worked!!! I have a feed for xenotransplantation. Yay! Now I just have to sort out MyAccess Science. Not sure I'm ready to roll this out to the public. Perhaps I better have another go when we get broadband back!

1 comment:

NSL Training Support Team said...

top marks for persistence! and with dial up as well!