Saturday, August 7, 2010

Google Web Searches

The various google seach options are great for narrowing down the number of articles or images you might want so that your search is as relevant as possible. Having the choice to only look at the latest is particularly useful for students who are looking for current information. The Wonder Wheel simple arrangement of relevant and related search results gives another search mechanism that might be easier for a lot of people. Not every topic has a Wonder Wheel but this number will grow. Again the Timeline is a format that appeals but it does often pick up irrelevancies when it thinks a number is a year.
My search for immunisations across the various search engines showed many differences in the results. On BING the results were very biased to the U.S. Dept Health and I only got a quarter of the search results that YAHOO gave me until I changed the s to a z in immunisations. Using Bing's Images I was able to limit them to all colour or just faces.
YAHOO gives you a page to take notes, a nice touch I thought. It also gives you a link on the left to the official bodies or journals/newspapers responsible for the articles so you can go just into them e.g.New Zealand Medical Association or NZ Herald. All NZ relevant if spelt with an s. Had to change to a z to get other relevant articles from overseas.
Exalead differs greatly in giving a graphic illustration of the front page of each website. Again I had to change the spelling to the American to get maximum number of hits.
All search engines were intuitive of my being in NZ and gave me articles from NZ first.

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