Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google alerts

I chose alerts for homoeopathy, swine flu and all whites soccer. I had to edit the swine flu topic and limit it to news items because it was inundating me. Not so much happening with the All Whites at the moment. Should have chosen to search the Black Sticks! The homoeopathy has so far turned up books for sale and a few blog comments which haven't been very enlightening. I should have perhaps gone for alternative health but that would probably cause a landslide. Maybe I should try using the spelling homeopathy without the second o which most people use. Google alerts is a great way of following a current topic or maybe a group/singer you are passionate about.

My Proquest feed with articles on xenotransplantation has produced a substantial list! This paper caught my eye ! Huh?!!
6. Susceptibility of recombinant porcine endogenous retrovirus reverse transcriptase to nucleoside and non-nucleoside inhibitors
M Wilhelm, J A Fishman, R Pontikis, A-M Aubertin, F X Wilhelm. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. Basel: Dec 2002. Vol. 59, Iss. 12; p. 2184

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